Hole DescriptionHole Description


Hole 1    PAR 4    Blue TEE 390 Yard     Red TEE 269Yard

A slightly uphill and challenging fairway, due to the slope, the kick-off must be longer than the actual distance. The fairways are slender because of the tea trees planted on both sides, with a sandpit in front of the geen, the second best to avoid.

Professional Guidance

The accuracy of service is very important, and to pick a big brassie to try the green, if you can get a flat one, that will be a very good start.


Hole 2   PAR 3    BlueTEE 151Yard    RedTEE 116Yard

The short-distance par three, the green has a special undulating L-line place, depending on the location of the flagpole to select the correct club is very important. There is a bunker in the back of the green, and there is a large ups and downs, which is a good result for both pushes.

Professional Guidance

According to the location of the flagpole to determine the number of yards, it is important to avoid bunkers.


Hole 3  PAR 5   BlueTEE 558Yard    RedTEE 474Yard

The maximum distance par five, the only double green hole has a high distance requirement to the player. Fairway tea plantations on the right, the left is a dense forest and water barriers, very test distance and accuracy. The fairway is wider than expected, a good serve is very important and the left side of the fairway needs to be avoided. The second greens distance and difficulty increase, this hole to get a par has been an excellent result.

Professional Guidance

Tee has visual deviation, the second shot should depend on the ball to attack or over-attack,keep safe not too radical.


Hole 4  PAR 4  BlueTEE 351Yard     RedTEE 265Yard

Right dogleg hole puzzls the players to choose a wooden distance or use long iron for safety options. The direction of kick-off should be decided according to the distance. There is a water barrier on the right side of the fairway. If the number one serve, the remaining distance can be attacked by a short cut bar. There are three bunkers next to the slender green, and surrounding the green.

Professional Guidance

When you serve from the Black Terraces, if you can send 270 yards (carry), you can directly attack the right pond to go through,otherwise you can put the ball on a secure fairway, the remaining length is about the distance of the iron, this hole has the chance to get Birdie.


Hole 5  PAR 3  BlueTEE 188Yard    RedTEE 133Yard

Straight par three is whole uphill, there is a bunker on the left of the green, the green is very slope, play enough distance and accuracy is very important, the hole is to test the player's long iron or fairway wood strength.

Professional Guidance

Because it is uphill fairway, it must hit further than the actual distance, bearing in mind serve, if mistaked, shorter rather than longer, avoid the bunker on the left of the green is very important.


Hole 6  PAR 4  BlueTEE 291Yard    RedTEE 218Yard

Short distance and large drop par four, the fairway carefully arranged bunker group, kick-off try to avoid the bunker, there will be a great opportunity to get birdie, otherwise that's a annoyance to lost the opportunity.

Professional Guidance

Use driver or 3 wood attack the greens, there is no need to conservatively serve the other clubs, remember smaller rather than bigger.


Hole 7  PAR 4  BlueTEE 397Yard     RedTEE 293Yard

Slightly uphill right dogleg hole, on the right of the fairway there is a Grand Canyon planted with tee trees, because the uphill, the sense of the distance will be longer than the actual, the green is long and narrow, so larger club is a wise choice. Pin position will impact the yardage.

Professional Guidance

Ladder to the left of the fairway, the ball will scroll down the terrain to the right. To par on the pitch requires a solid shot with an accurate second shot, remembering not to hit the right side of the fairway.


Hole 8  PAR 5  BlueTEE 481Yard    RedTEE 401Yard

With the downhill left dogleg hole, the right side of the fairway with water barriers and the left and right side of the bunker, kick-off straight and far will have the opportunity to attack the green on the two poles, the green side are 2 bunkers, the green filled with traps, ups and downs, dark lines a lot.

Professional Guidance

The hole should try to avoid the water barrier and the bunkers. The second shot should attack the green or transfer with iron, it's a good chance of catching a birdie.


Hole 9  PAR 4  BlueTEE 287Yard    RedTEE 274Yard

Short distance and slightly uphill four-hole, with bunkers on both sides, if a solid serve, the second shot can be short-cut pole to attack the green. The green is tilted backwards and is a short hole for easy scoring.

Professional Guidance

When serving, the accuracy is more important than the distance, if the the second wedge is accurate, birdie should be out of question. If the pin is placed behind the right bunker, the kick-off should be placed on the left side of the fairway as much as possible.


Hole 10  PAR 4  BlueTEE 342Yard    RedTEE 289Yard

The uphill fairway, kick-off should be precise, the fairway and green surrounded by green tea trees on both sides. The greens have a small landing point around the hole, which is a test of the player's long-range ability.

Professional Guidance

Accuracy is very important, the greens are small, the second shot needs to be very precise.


Hole 11  PAR 5  BlueTEE 506Yard    RedTEE 386Yard

Blue, red TEE is higher elevation, looking ahead, good field of vision, beautiful scenery, is the most impressive hole, but also a very distinctive ninety degrees left dogleg, the audience the most prominent Blind hole. Both sides of the fairway are protected by water barriers and tea trees, very challenging, tee off the direction to be judged according to distance.

Professional Guidance

The difficulty of the hole is the kick-off, according to the distance to choose the club and the direction, accuracy is very important.


Hole 12  PAR 4  BlueTEE 382Yard    RedTEE 338Yard

A left dogleg hole with a downhill slope, a water hazard on the left side of the fairway, tea trees and sandpits on the right side, making the fairway more narrow. The large slopes and bunkers on the left side of the green are pit traps.

Professional Guidance

Kickball need to be straight, be careful of the left pond, and avoid the left side of the green.


Hole 13  PAR 3  BlueTEE 169Yard    RedTEE 116Yard

Straight and slightly uphill par three, looks futrher than the actual distance, the green surrounded by three bunkers, the green ups and downs, more dark lines.

Professional Guidance

Club correct, avoid bunkers, hit the ball solid is the key.


Hole 14  PAR 4  BlueTEE 389Yard    RedTEE 305Yard

Left dogleg hole, there is a water barrier on the left side of the fairway, there are two bunkers in the middle of the fairway. If the kick-off is accurate, it will be closer from the left side of the fairway, but the safest course of play is to kick the ball to the right of the bunker and to attack the green from the right. The water barrier on the left side of the green and the large bunker on the right require high accuracy. Dark green lines more, two push is already good.

Professional Guidance

Serve the ball on the right side of the bunker, so that you can get the direction, the accuracy of second shot is very important.


Hole 15  PAR 4  BlueTEE 368Yard    RedTEE 274Yard

Upward course of the fairway is a challenge to the ball hit distance, both sides of the fairway and the green with bunkers, highlighting the accuracy requirements. Due to the double greens offensive distance to be judged accurately, long push need to be treated with caution.

Professional Guidance

Tee has visual deviation, serve must go straight and far, when attack the greens yardage need to increase. Par has been a good result.


Hole 16  PAR 3  BlueTEE 176Yard    RedTEE 117Yard

Par three has a high requirement of accuracy , the left of the green L-shaped sand pit surrounded by more than half of the green, the right of the green are water barriers and large slopes, attack Green should try left rather than right, otherwise it will be lost Points and annoyed.

Professional Guidance

A solid serve is necessary, otherwise it will be hard to get par. Most people will hit the ball to the right and into the water, little is better than more.


Hole 17  PAR 5  BlueTEE 510Yard    RedTEE 420Yard

The straight Five-hole has a lot of water obstacles, fairways fair and wide, you can actively attack. The greens are protected by 3 bunkers, to avoid the obstacles successfully will achieve good results.

Professional Guidance

Serve to the fairway on right of the bunker, you will face a straight fairway and an uphill green, attack the greens must avoid bunkers.


Hole 18  PAR 4  BlueTEE 424Yard    RedTEE 285Yard

The first hole is scenic and the most difficult, the fairway right and the green left has water barriers, two shots need to play a sufficient distance on the green. Attack greens need to avoid the left water barrier and the right bunker, which is a big challenge to accuracy.

Professional Guidance

Kick off should avoid the pond on the right side of the fairway, the second shot requires precise direction, the best transition when the ball is not ideal, keep Par is a very good score.