We always believe that adolescents are the future of China's golf. They deeply feel the mission of developing the youth golf in China and have been working hard to popularize and popularize the Chinese youth golf.

Youth Mission is the key development of fuchun resort. Fuchun Habitat is committed to building a world-class youth golf training platform to train the world's top teenager golf leaders by designing the most professional and comprehensive youth training programs.

【Summer Training Camp】

Fuchun resort helps the development of golf in China to promote and popularize young golf as a mission, in order to attract more 'zero' basic children's access to golf, summer special for 6-16 year-old special summer training camp, Has successfully held many times, in the hearts of nearly a hundred children planted the seeds of the golf champion.

From basic knowledge of golf to golf rules and etiquette, golf techniques and colorful activities, each child spent an extraordinary vacation in the blue sky and green grass.

Youth Mission Development Project
Project Primary Intermediate Advanced Comment
Total Hours 10Hours 10Hours 10Hours One hour per lesson
Class Time

Saturday 08:30-10:30

Or 13:00-15:00

Sunday 10:30-12:30

Or 15:30-17:30

Saturday 12:40-14:40


Sunday 09:00-11:00

Saturday 10:30-12:30

Or 15:30-17:30

Sunday 8:30-10:30

Or 13:00-17:00

Hours Charge 98.8RMB/Lesson 200RMB/Lesson 300RMB/Lesson 4-8 people needed
Registration Qualifications

Golf zero basis

6-16 year olds

Junior class graduation

Passing students

Intermediate coach examination can be

Admission students

Admission students

Create golf


6-16 year olds

Small class teaching mode

Free clubs, practice balls and drinking water during the teaching period

Students apply for real-name registration system, no special circumstances class can not be used by others;

Lesson time after class opening students not to give up class hours processing;

Students and parents enjoy discounts on member's discounts at clubs and hotels.

The final interpretation of the club all.


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